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Week 5 Philippians
Philippians was interesting to read because I did not know it was a letter Paul had written, let alone he wrote it from prison. In this letter I believe Paul is teaching a great message about the importance of values and happiness. Paul had some sufferings, which included poverty, beatings, illness, and even being in prison; in each situation Paul seemed to be content. The basis of his contentment was the fact that he knew Jesus as he stated in Philippians 3:7-9, Paul’s confidence was in Christ Jesus, not just the knowledge but the knowledge gained through the experiences. Paul is basically telling us in these versus his former way of life was despicable and he now knew greatness because he was transformed by Christ Jesus. In a sense, I believe that Paul looked at the experiences in his life and believed it made him a better person even though there was a lot of suffering. I believe Paul is trying to convey to us the joy and great aspects in the Christian life are all about perspective. Paul is communicating that our true joy is not created on circumstances; and we need to not grumble but rejoice. I think the important factor he is communicating is that to have a lasting contentment and peace you need to find it through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:13, I can do all this through him who gives me strength. I believe the most important message to take away from this letter is that Paul is telling us that Jesus Christ is the source of strength and when things get tough we can rely on that strength. This letter gave thanks for the gifts but it also urged them to remain loyal to their faith. I like the fact he thanks the Philippians for the gifts but at the same time he gave them encouragement. Sometimes all it takes to stay strong is the encouragement from a person who appreciates their circumstances. Paul communicates how he remembers them and is thanking God for them; Paul tells them of their importance to God...
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