Philippine Election System

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Philippine ILL-ection: Poor, Buy, and Off the People

III.Philippine Electoral System
IV.“ILLS” of Election
A.Fraud/ Electoral Sabotage
1.Manipulation of Political Elites on the Results of Election B.Electoral Violence
C.Vote Buying
1.Definition of Vote Buying
2. The “BOBOTERS” (Voters)
V.Awareness of the Public on the so- called “ILLS” of Election VI.The Challenge (Conclusion)

Philippines as a democratic country hold election as a political process in which the citizens choose their candidates to govern the country. Through conducting election, people’s voice is being heard. Election is said to be the basic in a democratic country, it is the most needed component in order to let the people feel that the country they are living with is a country being governed by them. It should be held free and fair but in contrary to reality, election now is being affected by its so-called “ills”. Electoral sabotage, electoral violence and vote buying have been its part and parcel in every conduct of Philippine election.

Philippine election was considered most of the people as a “dirty election” because of the issues it had undergone. This paper focuses on the “ills” of election in Philippines, specifically on fraud/ electoral sabotage, electoral violence and vote buying. It also includes the manipulation of the result the election by the political elites, the “boboters” (voters) in Philippine election and the awareness of the public on the “ills” of election. This paper aims to give further information on “ills” of election and be able to add awareness to the public’s information on “ills” of election.

Democracy is a world that purrs with respectability. Even states that are not democratic wish to appear democratic, and holding elections is one of the easiest ways to follow some of the forms of democracy even if the state is not democratic. Elections can serve many purposes for the state than merely the democratic one of allowing the mass of the people to help in the selection of leaders and policies. Election was invented to make democracy possible; but once invented it turned out to have further uses.

Election in Philippines has always been become an intense, and most interesting event in our country. The voters of the country always tried to cast their votes in order to participate in election. But, the voters’ interest to participate in election was being infected with the “ills” of election. Instead of being motivated to vote wisely, the “ills” of election just give the voters the concept of voting just for the sake of earning money and not for the sake of choosing the right candidates for the right position in the office of the government.

For many Filipinos, their image of election is that of “guns, goons, and gold” or as “riotous fiesta.” In areas where violence is not an issue, voters choose among the best performers. Where violence proliferates, voters either cast their vote in view of ensuring their survival, or stay away altogether. With violence and fraud, election loses credibility as a democratic exercise. Elections merely become a venue for exchange between politicians and the voters, and citizenship and the right to suffrage are fundamentally undermined.

Electoral malpractice can be so rampant that it was said in one isolated community so many votes exceeded the number the number of registered voters, perhaps the “birds, bees, flowers, and trees voted”.

As being quoted by Shiela Coronel “Election, therefore is a mirror”. It gives reflection to what our country is. If Philippine election is said to be a “dirty” election, therefore our country as well is dirty, so is that it really means? Or it just implies that people who are involved in election are the one that must be labelled as “dirty” and not the election itself? Because of the power of the vote, the electoral process has been...

References: Power and Choice by Phillips Shively
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