plot,setting, resolution, conflict, point of view, character, climax, of creole democracy by Rufino Blanco-Fombona

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Communist state Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: November 29, 2013
Creole Democracy
“Creole Democracy” is a clear presentation of one fundamental defect from of government. Democracy is based on the concept of the rule “of the people, by the people, for the people. “The success of a democratic form of government is based on the nature and condition of the electorate--- that they are literate enough to express their will in the ballot, that they have sufficient education to understand and analyze and decide on vital issues, and that they canimpose discipline on their emotions and themselves. To meet these requirements of democracy, Fambona tells us, most developing countries are still incapable. So the story ends in tragedy and death with the participants not really knowing it is all about. II.Commentary

According to Edward Brathwaite, “creolization” 'is a cultural process—'material, psychological and spiritual—based upon the stimulus/ response of individuals within the society to their [new] environment and to each other'—it is a 'reciprocal activity, a process of intermixture and enrichment, each to each.” Generally, we use the term "creole" to refer to "new world" societies like the Caribbean and South America, as well as those postcolonial societies that have been made racially diverse through the convulsions of European colonization. Those countries that have such creole democracy need to embrace, mixture of people, making a new community where there is co-existence of diverse races and culture. Creole democracy have two political parties rely on having the majority of votes on their side: “the efforts of the party leaders were directed toward herding the largest possible number of men.” One party is the government and the other one are rebels. Both of them in competition: “the bosses of each side would spy upon each other to see how many voters were being added to their rival's forces.” The voters are uneducated about how they will vote and are just merely instructed by their chosen party: “party hacks were...
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