Pluralistic Ignorance Introduction

Topics: Belief, Voting, Sociology Pages: 1 (495 words) Published: November 18, 2012
This article is to research the related situation happened in Facebook based on pluralistic ignorance theory.The reason that we choose this topic is to make a deeper understanding of this theory and put forward some modified suggestion for facebook improvement. We found out that a lot of young people participated in the discussion about election on facebook actively and majority people thought that most of them would join in the election voting but only 29% of 20s took part in voting on the election day.This kind of phenomenon is called pluralistic ignorance,and it makes negative influence on facebook communication. According to the data of pluralistic ignorance theory(including academic journal,article and book),it shows: 1. Pluralistic ignorance was first used to explain the discordance between public behaviors and private beliefs. Although people can support something that they really don’t, they believe other’s supports reflect their true thoughts. 2. web or social media can't be a base for achieving significant democracy and web has big riskiness that intensify inequality between the people who have huge personal connections and those who have not; 3. internet is more effective to make sure how people think than interactive communication modal such as FtF by making more people take part in the discussion, because of the more people discuss about the issue, the more they understand the trend of public opinion accurately;

definition of pluralistic ignorance(in the field of social media): it means,“opinion environment”,which was indicated by social media, is not exactly true reaction of people’s opinion distribution status in society. however, general citizens show pluralistic ignorance to this distribution. Under the circumstance,even if the opinions from the minority people, which was indicated and emphasized by social media , will be regarded as majority opinion....
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