Political Dynasty Outline

Topics: Democracy, Ideology, Election Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: December 20, 2012
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background Information
1.2Thesis Statement: Political dynasties should be banned because political and personal interests are promoted 2.0 Basic Arguments
2.1 Political dynasties promote nepotism, favoritism and corruption 2.1.1 Political clans are motivated by the preservation of wealth rather than the implementation of basic political ideologies. 2.1.2 Officials do not control only political power within themselves; they cultivate nepotism by appointing relatives. 2.2 Formation of political kingdoms inhibits democracy in the country 2.2.1 Elections has become mere formalities rather that idle legal processes. 2.2.2 Dynasties are reflections of the prevailing socio-economic inequalities in the nation. 2.3 The existence of political clans prohibits economically- disadvantaged but efficient candidates. 2.3.1 Basis for qualifications of public officials are distorted 2.3.2 People come to accept the existing succession of political clan’s as a tradition. 3.0Counter Arguments

3.1 Dynasties make up an effective collaboration promoting good governance. 3.2There is an increased devolution of power over the localities which empower them. 3.3 Refutation
Political Affiliations Uncovered
The terrifying massacre of civilians in Maguindanao was a grim eye-opener of the influence of political dynasties in the country and the danger it imposes on the people. According to a recent study by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, the emergence of political dynasties started when the Americans introduced electoral politics in the 20thcentury. The standards boxed the opportunities to the rich and the landed, which then monopolized public office. The image of this government system was passed through the years, validating the Marcos regime, which is there silence of political kingdoms in the provinces. At present, the cultural importance of kinship affiliation explains the power and dominance of political...
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