Political Dynasty - Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement:

In the Philippines, there are many elected officials that come from the same family. This has been referred to as

political dynasty. This paper seeks to investigate why political dynasties exist, what are the negative and positive effects to the country,

and what can be done to educate the voters. Political dynasties should be banned in certain branches of the government to enhance

equal access to political opportunities and to widen the base for the selection of government officials.

"It is defined as succession of government leadership from the same family. It may sound the same as the monarch government, but

political dynasty has a totally different meaning. Is there something wrong with political dynasty? If you are going to study article II

section 26 1987 Philippine Constitution, it states that the state should have equal access to public service opportunities and it should

prohibit the practice of political dynasty. Hence, political dynasty goes against the state policy."

" The trend of political dynasty must be immediately stopped to restore the authentic ideals of democracy and to bring back the

people’s trust in the political system and governance and to cease the perpetual suffering of the people under the exploitative schemes

and systems of greed for money and lust for power called political dynasty."

"MANILA, Philippines—A political party set to participate in next year’s elections on Saturday said it has started collecting signatures

for a people’s initiative for a law that would prohibit political dynasties in government.

The Social Justice Society’s initiative, entitled “An Act Defining Political Dynasties that are Prohibited under Article II, Section 26 of

the 1987 Constitution, and Providing Penalties for its Violation,” received the first signatures from the party’s members as well as

students, teachers and other supporters in the academic sector.

“Those who say that there’s nothing wrong with political dynasties, that they are good public servants despite belonging to dynasties,

are just greedy for political power. There many other Filipinos who have the same ideas and plans for good governance. Political

dynasts should not be allowed to monopolize opportunity to serve the country,” SJS president Samson Alcantara told the INQUIRER

in an interview.

“They close their eyes to the fact that there is a constitutional policy against dynasties. The greed for political must be moderated.

Those who advocate social justice should practice it. Those who invoke the Constitution must not brazenly undermine the policies

enshrined therein,” he added.

Alcantara, a lawyer who is running for Senate under SJS in the 2013 polls, said the initiative “will provide ample opportunity for those

who are perceived to be members of political dynasties to air their side and convince the people that there is indeed nothing wrong

with political dynasties.”

Another political group, the Kapatiran Party launched an initiative against political dynasties last April but has yet to collect signatures

since the Commission on Elections has yet to promulgate rules on the “prescribed form” for an initiative for a national law.

Alcantara said that unlike Kapatiran, the SJS will not wait for the Comelec rules. He said the party would officially notify Comelec about the initiative upon gathering 100,000 or so signatures.

“They (Comelec commissioners) should do their duty and come out with the rules soon so we can comply,” the lawyer said, adding

that he could not understand why the Comelec was taking a long time coming out with the “prescribed form.”

“An initiative for a national law or statute would take the form of our republic acts, which contain declarations of policy, definition of

terms, penal provisions, etc. There should be no difficulty crafting the prescribed form?” he said.

The SJS...
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