Political Problems in America

Topics: President of the United States, Elections, Washington, D.C. Pages: 6 (2300 words) Published: March 18, 2013
While it is crucial to acknowledge all that is right with American government, we must not turn a blind eye to what is wrong with it. Although government on the whole is good, there are many things wrong with government; things that need to be fixed. And fixing those problems is necessary if we are to revive Americans’ support for government. The better we can make government, the more we can expect citizens to oppose efforts to undermine this vital institution.

The first, and one of the most serious problems present in American politics today is the domination of the two party system. In addition to the top two dominating parties, Democrat and Republican, the United States has sixty-three national and regional registered political parties that anyone is free to join. But only the two major parties have the political power to do any real damage. The Democratic Party has been around since 1828 while the Republican Party since 1854, and the two parties have dominated every election since. The lesser parties have fielded candidates without success and even though they have many good ideas to help America, they have been prevented from reaching out to the people on a national scale. Television networks have prevented them from joining in on televised debates because they don't have enough followers and newspapers give them even less coverage in favor of the major parties. We have created political monopolies with these two parties and have limited our choices to two extremes. Its time for this to change and its takes awareness and effort by the American people to make it happen.

This has lead us to have an extreme lack of choices for representation in the government and forces most Americans to settle with the candidate they dislike the least. We only truly have two choices for President and each Congress position every election; whoever the Republicans and Democrats each decide to nominate. Both parties are far apart on important issues and refuse to be willing to compromise with each other. They are both too extreme in their views and are drifting even further apart as time goes on. The Left and the Right continue to constantly oppose each other and are stubborn, resisting any change that they see as threatening to their agenda. This prevents productivity and compromise, leading to stalemates and disagreements in Congress over many important legislative issues. Parties are consistently working against each other legislatively to counteract any progress made by the opposing party, making it impossible for any important changes to occur. Things such as filibusters, appeals, etc have aided politicians in resisting change and progress in the white house. Finally, both parties are heavily influenced by corporations and lobbyists. This usually has negative effects on certain political decisions where the interests of these corporations and supporters are put above the wants and needs of the public.

Another problem with the American political system is the issue of life long politicians. Being a politician becomes a career for many people instead of a service to the public. This leads to increased chances of corruption and influence by interest groups over time. Politicians who aim to be in office for life are more likely to be influenced by lobbyists and donors who keep their political careers alive instead of focusing on issues important to the American public. Politicians spending long terms in office also leads to an increase in their salaries, which are funded by the taxpayers. It is not always bad for politicians to serve long terms in office, because this sometimes helps important changes to be made over time with persistence. The problem is not all politicians have the best interests of America at heart and many political positions are based on social status and family relations within the government instead of merit. This is preventing change and political progress from being made and also deterring youth from public...
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