Political Turncoats

Topics: Democracy, Political party, Politics Pages: 4 (1162 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The introduction of the American-inspired democratic processes in the Philippines drives the growth of political parties as "necessary organs of democracy.''* Playing an active role in the electoral process, the political parties are considered as the most indispensable and essential organ of the society, since the existence of political parties is one of the manifestations of a representative democracy. As such, political parties are among the most essential instruments of a democratic government. Political parties having been classically defined as an organized group of persons who preserve the same political ideals in a government, generally perform important functions,** namely: (1) political parties educated the people, especially the un-initiated and uninformed, on public issues and qualifications of candidates, (2) political parties perform the people basic role of providing leadership in government, (3) political parties serve as potential sources of public policy, every party has its own policies and programs which are contained in its platform, (4) political parties act as an effective communication link between the government and the people, (5) political parties are instruments of government for national integration , (6) political parties perform the function of critic. This is one of the most important functions so essential to democracy, and; (7) political parties help promote unity among groups of people with different religions, creeds, languages, custom and traditions and origins. To be a member of an organization is to be identified to that organization and renunciation of the other party. A member of a certain party must have that same interest in the other member or the party as whole, common principle and mutual political goals to be considered as a member. Loyalty and trust binds the members and keep the party stable and working. Furthermore, in a democratic society where freedom allows the easy coalition of citizens of like...
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