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Magleby chapter 1 Questions Review

What is the oldest constitutional democracy in the world?

a. Greece
b. Great Britain
c. the United States
d. Germany
e. France

2.How is democracy defined?

a. government by one person
b. all people must be involved in politics and policy making c. government by the people
d. the fragmentation of powers
e. government by the few

3.Statism is the idea that the rights of the nation are supreme over the rights of the __________.

a. popular consent
b. region
c. individual
d. community
e. government

4.What is the idea that a just government must derive its powers from the people it governs called?

a. equality
b. popular consent
c. electoral politics
d. equality of opportunity
e. statism

5.Governance according to the expressed preferences of the majority is known as which of the following?

a. statism
b. tyranny of the majority
c. individual rights
d. majority rule
e. plurality principle

6.What is the term for an election in which a candidate can win by getting the most votes, even if it is less than 50 percent of the votes?

a. a runoff election
b. a plurality
c. a recall election
d. a majority
e. a retention election

7.What is a distinctive element of the U.S. constitutional system under the original Constitution?

a. states’ rights
b. judicial supremacy
c. bicameralism
d. executive hegemony
e. popular elections for all national officials

8.A(n) __________ is a type of government in which one person with unlimited power rules.

a. democracy
b. autocracy
c. republic
d. unified government
e. oligarchy

9.What is the name given to the law that would govern human beings before governments existed?

a. original law
b. Biblical law
c. natural law
d. Constitutional law
e. universal law

10.Which article provides that the Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land?

a. Article II
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