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 Popular vote vs. Electoral College
By: Asllan Alija 8-211

Did you know you do not actually vote for the president? The popular vote is used for only choosing which of the two out of three candidates can run for president. The job of choosing the president goes to the Electoral College, which consists of representatives chosen from a certain party, which differs from every state. Generally, the political parties nominate Electors at their State party conventions or by a vote of the party’s central committee in each State. This basically means that if you live in a state that the opposite party that you like is in control, you have no way of voting for the president you like. The popular vote does this, and this is why I think that popular vote should pick the president over the Electoral College.

One reason why I believe that the popular vote should pick the president is because that it accurately represents the national popular will. Citizens choose the president they believe is worthy of the title of the president. The dominant political party in a state wont stop a member of the opposing party from the president they deem fit to deserve the title of president. With the popular vote deciding the presidents, citizens vote for who they want, not what the majority of the state wants. This is a more fair system of voting,

Supporters of the Electoral College say that the Electoral College maintains a federal system of government and representation. Although this is somewhat true, that is not what it is supposed to be. It is supposed to be a democracy, where citizens vote for the president, not representatives of political parties. The government shouldn’t even be involved with the choosing of the president. The choice should be left to the citizens, and the citizens alone. That is fair.

The last reason I believe the popular vote should pick the president over the Electoral College is because a minority president cannot be picked....
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