Populist Party

Topics: Democracy, 19th century, Populism Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: February 2, 2014

Analyze the reasons for the emergence of the Populist movement in the late 19th century. Throughout history there have been political parties which have emerged for the needs of the people or a group of people who would compete against democrats and republicans for the presidency. The Populist Party was one such party which stands out from the rest as it provided a big challenge to the Democrats and Republicans who most often did not have to worry about third party representatives. The question was what circumstances permitted the Populist Party to raise to the level of power it achieved? This was mostly caused by circumstances regarding farmer’s as they had a litany of issues for which they needed representation in government to get across their views. The Populist Party arose as a way to continue on what the Farmer’s alliance did on a much larger scale. There were many reasons for the emergence of the Populist, or people's, Party in the late nineteenth century, such as the terrible economic state of the farmers and government indifference. The government had created strict financial guidelines when it came to determining the amount of money which was going to be allowed in circulation throughout the country. This hurt farmer’s in the worst way. In order to make a profit farmer’s often times had to take out loans for equipment and seed with very little money in circulation the interest rate on these loans.1 With the smaller banks having no central control there was even more havoc as banks continued to jack up their interest rates on money loans. There was no central bank and the scattered banks that were there did not have any competition to deal with. This was a driving factor in the rise of Populist Party as Farmer’s wanted someone who if they achieved success in government would increase the pool of money in circulation. Another reason for the emergence of the People’s party was the need for reform in government. The government was falling towards corrupt...
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