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Topics: Voter turnout, Elections, Election Pages: 5 (1446 words) Published: May 9, 2015
American Government 100Part IV
Patterson, pgs. 215-228
Woll, pgs. 177-182, AG21-13
Political Participation
True Or False Questions

1. Compared with other Western democracies, the United States has relatively high levels of voter participation. False

2. Only a small proportion of Americans can be classified as political activists. True

3. Americans are more likely than citizens of other democracies to contribute time and money to political and community organizations. True

4. According to Patterson, today nearly any American adult who is determined to vote can legally and actually do so. True

5. Millions of Americans shirk their duty to vote regularly, a tendency that sets Americans apart from citizens of other Western democracies. True

6. Turnout in U.S. elections increased after registration requirements were instituted because corruption was finally halted. False

7. One of the reasons for the low turnout among American voters is that the individual in the U.S. assumes responsibility for registering to vote, whereas in most other democracies voters are registered automatically by government officials. True

8. The reason for introducing voter identification cards in Georgia and Indiana was to stamp out the widespread fraud and abuse during recent elections. False

9. Within the United States, there is little variation in voter participation from state-to-state. False

10. Although the Democratic Party represents the working class and the poor to a degree, it is chiefly responsive to middle-class voters, who hold the balance of power in U. S. elections. True

11. Americans with less income and education are the people most adversely affected by the country’s registration system. True

12. No other Western European democracy has elections for the lower chamber of its national legislature or for its chief executive as often as the United States. True

13. Similar to the United States, in other democracies primary elections select the party nominees. False

14. According to Patterson, the frequency of U.S. elections increases turnout by assuring that American democracy is better represented. False

15. Senior citizens, despite the infirmities of old age, have a far higher turnout rate than do voters under the age of thirty. True

16. The turnout rate among young adults has been higher in recent presidential elections than it was for them in the 1980s and 1990s. True

17. Although “independents” are sometimes idealized in high school civics classes, they have much lower voting rates than citizens who identify with a political party. True

18. The voting public is more polarized in its political positions than is the public as a whole. True

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Involvement in activities intended to influence public policy and leadership: c) political participation

2. At the nation’s founding, who had the right to vote? c) white males with property

3. He was noted for saying that a man could lose his right to vote if his jackass died: d) Thomas Paine

4. Which amendment to the Constitution gave African-American males the right to vote? c) 15th

5. Women did not secure the right to vote until 1920 with the ratification of the following amendment: b) 19th

6. The Twenty-sixth Amendment extended voting rights to: a) 18 year olds and older

7. What has been the average percentage voter turnout rate in the past two decades for presidential elections? b) 60%

8. Why was voter registration started around 1900? c) To prevent voters from casting more than one ballot

9. In 1993, Congress enacted a law that would provide voter registration when a person applied for a driver’s license: b) Motor Voter Act

10. Scholars estimate that turnout in the U.S. would be roughly how many percentage points higher if it had European-style registration? b) 10 percent

11. Which of the following states have lenient registration laws that allow people to...
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