Potential Problems When Using Multicultural Diverse Team in Global Organization

Topics: Culture, Management, Decision making Pages: 4 (984 words) Published: July 23, 2013
What are some potential problems that must be overcome when using the multicultural diverse team in global organization?

As for 2006 and above, there are many problems regarding multicultural diverse team in global organization. Ironically, Presidents and CEO of the organization are willing to talk about diversity when their managers do not have much confidence in implementing diversity workforce in an organization. Managers are afraid that they may fail in terms of productivity when multicultural diverse team is applied.

The problems are:
1. Problem: A mere decrease in productivity
The positive impact of multicultural diverse team is that the creativity can be increase compare to non-diversity team. Furthermore, diverse team have better understanding of the problem since many cultural backgrounds is involve in brainstorming. However, the challenge of managing a diverse team sometimes leads to faulty management process, which results in poor team performance. The consequence of these problems is most managers do not encourage diversity within their co-worker, and worse, their organization.

Solutions –
In order to tackle this problem carefully, managers must understand cultural diversity and the benefits that can contribute to team performance. Besides, managers are recommended to take any training that teaches how to deal with multicultural diverse team to overcome the fear of failure when managing multicultural diverse team.

2. Problem: Management level
Multicultural diversity always be the factor to management problems. Most managers are ‘culturally blind’ – do not have any idea on cultural differences. When these managers saw the differences, they always thought it is for the very wrong reason. What they did not manage to see is the bright side on having multicultural diverse team in their organization. The problem often occur in the decision making process. As a result, the managers and team members are trapped in frustration because...
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