Precarious Condition of Primary Education In ZP Schools of Dhule and Nandurbar: A Mess of Govt Schemes

Topics: School, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Precarious Condition Of Primary Education In ZP Schools of Dhule & Nandurbar Teachers & Staff Make A Mess of Govt Schemes
By Prakash Dane

The status of the primary education given in the ZP run schools of the backward districts of Dhule & Nandurbar is a big mess & the administrators of both the Zilla Parishads are seem to be at their wits end because of the irresponsible teachers, & negligent staff. The trouble is doubled recently because of the increasing number of drunkard teachers who hardly attend the school & whenever they turn up they come up in dead drunk state.

There have been incidences where the frustrated villagers have locked up the school after seeing that the deputed teachers don’t attend the school for weeks, & if at all they attend the school turn by turn. The headmasters, the teachers & the staff of the schools are hand in gloves in the conspiracy of absence from the school & whenever the authorities pay a surprise visit they try to cover up the matter. The CEO of Dhule ZP, Deependrasingh Kushwah last week suspended the headmasters of two schools & issued show cause notices to the staff teachers of two schools on account of the serious discrepancies in the number of students dubiously enrolled & the actual number of the students in these schools. Many schools in the mountain area of these districts are single teacher schools because the staff appointed never joins the duty & if at all join it is only on the paper. The teachers use their political connections & also grease the palms of the responsible officers to cancel their transfers to unwanted places in the hilly terrains of Shirpur, Dhadgaon, Taloda, Akkalkuwa, Shahada Tehsils of Dhule & Nandurbar districts.

The level of the education & the training of the teachers amongst the ZP run schools is another problem & one doubts if the teachers have really complied the eligibility criterion for the appointment as a teacher. Sometime back when he was a CEO of ZP Dhule, Purushottam Bhapkar...
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