Presidential Ad Essay

Topics: Voting, Democracy, Elections Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Presidential Ad Essay
Presidential candidates tweak their political formats and focuses depending on a scientific study of American’s interests in different demographics. This scientific process is studied by one company called Spectrum who specializes in electoral demographics. During the study this company examines “voting patterns of people based on their similarities and differences” (Spectrum). The information this company provides includes ways to look at the voter profiles, demographic poll maps, and ad targets. These resources are utilized by the candidates to take the concerns and interests for desired areas and make them their focus when targeting the specific audience. Spectrum states: “Understanding the electoral demographics can help you [candidates] target your [candidates] time and resources most effectively.” To candidates this means no wasting time or money placing ads in demographics that will not get them votes according to the data provided.

Other companies create their own studies to help target a specific audience for candidates. USA Today looked more closely at what party was most likely to view certain TV shows: “Democrats watch soap operas; Republicans watch news. College football skews Republican; the NBA skews Democratic -- except in Boston. Want to find independent voters? They're watching Biography” (Dirkse). Candidates will see which voters watch what because they will want to air their ads on channels that are projected to get them the most votes. In the same intention to sway votes for certain candidate, officials air ads disgracing the opposing candidate on channels his or her viewers are likely to watch. All of these strategies are used to persuade the desired audience by surrounding them with candidates in places they are frequently using.

After the candidates research where to place ads for the greatest benefit, they alter their platform to apply to the desired interests or concerns of certain demographics....

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