Pretty Little Liars: Opening Credit Analysis

Topics: Introduction, Lost, Closing credits Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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Pretty Little Liars’ Opening Credits

I have chosen to interpret, in both connotatively and denotatively ways, the opening credits to one of ABC Family’s most acclaimed TV show, Pretty Little Liars. It premiered in the early summer of 2010. Based on a teen/drama/mystery series, this show has rapidly gained success. When you watch the opening credits for the first time without knowing anything about the show, it’s easy to guess what the show is about; but once you know or at least have a clue of the drama, it’s easier to notice the relationship between the introduction and the content. The introduction starts off with a girl, getting ready for something; her nails, hair and makeup are being done. Then, it’s revealed that she is in a casket, obviously letting the viewer know that she is apparently getting ready for her death. Four other girls, dressed in black, stand behind the casket looking anxiously, and nervously at it. Focusing on one of the girls, it ends with the girl placing her index finger in front of her lips, as if to express secrecy. The intro’s theme song is the song Secret by The Pierces, which also adds to the meaning of the whole content. The opening credits to Pretty Little Liars are really precise with the whole content and drama of the show. A lot of things in the opening credits connote many things in the show, but this is hard to see if you don’t know and understand the main story and conflict. First of all, one of the things that tells the viewer a lot about the mood is the colors and the lighting. Almost the whole intro is dark colored, as opposed to other TV shows, which have their intro with light and attractive colors. The lighting in the whole intro is low and dim which gives it a sense of mischievous events. What sets the mood, is the fact that the entire introduction ha the edges of the screen black, giving it a strange dream-like vibe. The girl, who is getting her hair, nails and makeup...
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