Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity

Topics: Culture, Health care, Nursing Pages: 4 (1277 words) Published: July 25, 2013
Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper
Linda Ginder
Grand Canyon University - NUR 502
July 10, 2013

Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper
No culture is growing at a faster pace than the Hispanic population, surpassing African Americans as the largest minority population in the United States. The Hispanic population increased from 35.3 million to 50.5 million in 2010. The intention of this paper is to increase the awareness and understanding of cultural competency and cultural sensitivity toward the Hispanic culture. Cultural competency cannot be overemphasized as it plays an imperative role in the quality of care that is given to different cultures. A culturally insensitive encounter can lead to inappropriate care or even worse --dangerous outcomes such as misdiagnosing a patient. As DeNisco and Barker indicate, the nursing assessment, interventions, and plan of care can only be effective if the nurse takes into account cultural influences. Remember to include appropriate resources when necessary “to enable proficient and uncompromising care” (DeNisco & Barker, 2013). All of these interventions will have an impact on how well a patient will trust in, listen to, adhere to and follow through with treatment plans promoting healthy behaviors. Nurses are front-line advocates for patients. If nurses are to assume this role, “then their efforts should be directed at making the healthcare setting as similar to the client’s natural environment as possible. To do so, they must be aware of clients’ customs, beliefs, and lifestyles” (Bastable, 2008). Summary of Article

The article focuses on the Hispanic culture and ways that health care providers can and should increase their cultural awareness, competency and sensitivity. If caregivers do not understand their own culture, miscommunication and misunderstandings readily can happen. Each person is a unique individual, influenced by his or her culture, values, and...

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