Psu Bayambang Campus Voting System

Topics: Election, Voting system, Voting Pages: 12 (4047 words) Published: May 28, 2011
1. Background of the Study
Life in this world is full of sacrifices, privileges and hopes. Whether we like it or not, we have to go with what is new that others are enjoying or else we will be left behind. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in human life especially the computer which is a great aid in providing information. The ability to respond to the inevitable growth of technology is very significant in the global economy. The computer is now recognized as a powerful and positive force in the social, political, and economic progress of nations. The growing use of computers in society is creating new demands for educating and training students in preparation for life in the Information Age. Because of its seemingly endless capabilities, the computer has become the most imposing form of information technology that has intimidated some people. The computer has undergone a great deal of development in the last 50 years that people have regarded it as synonymous with change. Any change is usually met with some form of resistance. This behavior is known as “RC Factor” – the resistance to change. Cyber phobia is the irrational fear of computers. Psychologists easily attribute cyber phobia to the lack or absence of knowledge about computers. Fear of computers has been observed mostly among adults. Computers are merely machines and should not be feared. Instead computer technology can be maximized to advanced development. Such is the case of Pangasinan State University College Student Council (PSU - CSC) which aims to promote peace & order by prioritizing students safety and develop the students potentialities and help strengthen the administration. The CSC also aims to deliver basic services to the students. The Electoral Board under the CSC bolsters a current system of coordination and cooperation among the students, Institute and College staff and the integrated law enforcement and public safety agencies. The College Student Council Election Commission prepares, maintains and periodically updates the electoral rolls, which show who is entitled to vote. It also supervises the nomination of candidates, registration of political parties and monitors the election campaigns including the funding of candidates. The territorial works are distributed among separate units for the two institutes (Institute of Arts, Sciences & Technology and Institute of Nursing) and one college (College of Teacher Education) into which the several departments and one Institute for the Evening Class of the Pangasinan State University – Bayambang Campus are grouped for convenience of management. The college has a common objective of reforming the system of voting in the Campus. The proponent supported the easing of barriers to voting, election administration designed for the voting, election administration designed for the voters, openness throughout the process, nonpartisan supervision of elections and the improvement of a reliable & accurate system a top priority of PSU Bayambang College Student Council. The gigantic task force needed in conducting a general election consists of fifty polling personnel who will oversee nearly a thousand student voters and section advisers. Traditionally, votes were cast on paper and counted by hand. Ideally, a voter is confident that what he/she wrote on the ballots reflected his/her choices but sometimes this will not reflect on the results. It is in this light that the main concern of this software is the development of a College Student Council (CSC) Voting System that will enhance or upgrade the current one in use. This proposed system will be in accordance with the specifications required by the College Student Council Electoral Board. This software was primarily designed as a user friendly material; however, it presented the target report in use – as a form and counting performing functions. Such is the distinguishing feature of this...
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