Random Lunacy Video Review

Topics: Pregnancy, Childhood, Breastfeeding Pages: 4 (1557 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Random Lunacy
Video Review

This video affects me more with emotional things than anything I think. As I started to watch the video I was trying to figure out what the parents were thinking by placing those children in those situations. This issue is a very important issue and I don’t think that it gets near the attention that it deserves. There is so much attention placed on so many things in this world but yet the situation of children and their parents who are living on the street get swept under the rug. The laws and legal systems don’t seem to do anything about but want to complain about the crimes and how wild these teenagers end up being. The legal systems don’t seem to realize how living homeless and moving place to place actually affects the parents and the children. It is a parents right to raise their children how they want but at the same time there should be limitations on these thing to ensure children basic needs are met to a certain extent. However the parents have a choice to live like that but the children they bring into this world don’t have a choice and they suffer the consequences of being homeless just because they were born and their parent made a choice to live like this because they don’t want to pay rent or taxes and this is totally unacceptable. In the minds of the parents of these children they are wanting to raise their children a certain way and that is understandable but at the same time the parents do not realize the psychological problems that it can have on the children. The parents of these children were being careless as early as when they got pregnant with the children. By living a life like this there is no prenatal care to make sure mom and baby are healthy. By living homeless the parents are exposing the unborn baby along with the children that have already been born to so many diseases among other things not to mention once a baby is born there are no doctor visits for vaccines or to check to see if the baby is on...
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