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The Bible

The “revealed Word of
Ta Biblia “The
We also find God’s Word
So, the Bible is
Jesus’ words & deeds
“God’s word”
Jesus’ words & deeds in
the proclamation of the
apostles (= the kerygma)
the Bible, a written
record of the apostolic

The Bible is God’s Word in human words
This is the official teaching of the
Roman Catholic Church
God did not write the Bible;
God “inspired” human authors to write
the Biblical materials
“inspiration” = guidance, not dictation
the authors aimed their messages so
they would be understood by their
own audience (i.e., the one at the time
when it the text was written)
their meaning may not be at all
obvious to us now

It is a treasure chest of wisdom and
inspiration that guided generations
it contains some of the most profound
insights into the meaning of life
it is the single most important source of
western culture
it has the most profound influence on
modern religious thoughts
it is the most complete history of the ancient
past that we possess

The Bible
“The Bible is God’s
Word” which
means that by
reading the Bible,
we can come to
know the God Who

The Bible
there were many human authors to the
each book of the Bible (and often even
different passages within the same Biblical
book) is a distinct composition written on
its own and for its own unique purpose
these writings were not produced for the
collection we call the Bible (= “the books,
the library”)

The Bible give us four things that we
need and want most:
First, the Bible give us


truth about God
Not abstract but something solid,
"tried and true" (see Ps 12:6),
"made true" or performed (see Ezek 12:25),
the kind that "comes true" as the fulfillment of
promises (see Mt 5:17-18).

If you let this Book speak to you, you will
find that it shows you the true character
of God and of yourself. It is a mirror.

Second, the Bible have power.
It uses images like a hammer and fire (Jer 23:29) for
itself It calls itself "the sword of the Spirit" (Eph
6: 17).
It is not physical power but spiritual power,
the power to change spirit,
power over free hearts and minds

It is the power of goodness, and of
love, and even of physical weakness
and suffering and sacrifice.

Fourth, the Bible gives joy.
The Psalms are chockfull of expressions of joy in
God's Word (e.g., 1:2, 19:8, 1 19: 97, 119:103).
Jeremiah says to God, "Thy words became to me
a joy" (15:16).

It is the joy that does not depend on anything
The Joy bigger than the universe: it is God's love.
This Book is a love letter from God with your
name on it.
God says, "I have called you by name, you are Mine" (Is
43: 1). The words I love you are magic words: they
change us, they bring wonder and inner surprise, they
bring us the greatest joy our lives can contain on

Old Testament
speaks about the beginning before the
coming of Jesus
it tells us how the people of God were
it speaks about great personages, the
leaders of God’s people, and the prophets
who speaks in behalf of God
it contains stories, prayers, narratives,
events and songs, laws, philosophy, riddles
and proverbs

Third, the Bible gives life.
Jesus calls it a seed (Lk 8): a living, growing thing.
Hebrews 4: 12 says that "the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the
division of soul and spirit ... discerning the thoughts and
intentions of the heart."
Gives life.
Cuts open souls and heals them.
For a sword, though in itself a dead thing, can come
alive in the hands of a swordsman; and this is "the
sword of the Spirit".
What happened in Ezekiel 37, when the dry bones came to
life, can also happen to you as you read this Book, if you
let it–that is, if you read it prayerfully, in the presence of God, talking to Him as you read it.

Covenants involve, not...
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