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Topics: Television, Television program, America's Next Top Model Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Those times are gone with the wind, where housewives used to be stuck to the television sets at prime time waiting for the conventional `Saas- Bahu’ dramas. It’s the time to welcome the era of Reality television which is a place where fiction meets realism and where the monotony of the ultra-dramatic soap operas is broken. These history of these shows traces back to international television and in India, the first ever reality show was Channel V’s talent hunt for a musical band. Reality shows are gaining popularity with the Indian audiences and are attracting their attention by random scripts, thrill, excitement and connection with celebrity’s day to day affairs. These reality shows are following various formats like game shows, talent shows, quiz shows, comedy shows, celebrity shows etc to provide the viewers a taste of everything. We witnessed its embarkation years back when ability was given a required platform to showcase itself facing cut throat competition. With gradual passage of time, it got revamped and more felicitous. Along with it, the fads that had arrived with the advent of modern civilization got attached.

Today, however,reality shows indicate battle for dexterity blended with the prejudice of the arbiters and the predicament of the fighters concerned. Has talent been dissipated in this sudden boom of talent hunts or has it not yet been doomed to a sordid existence? Almost every alternate day, a reality show camouflaged as a ‘talent hunt’ is launched. Have we not noticed that these talent hunts can at times be even more illusory than fiction? At one point of time, two persons are busy fighting with each other showering one another with all the expletives in all the languages they speak – and the very next minute they are capable of behaving like long-lost friends, hugging, kissing and even touching each others’ feet, all in stark contrast to the blood-thirsty wolves they were just a minute back! Not to forget here the famous “vote for me”...
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