Reality Shows

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Reality Shows
“Competition improves things, burning away the dross and leaving the gold. This often works with commodities like cars but not with mass culture. There competition corrupts” (Will 290), George F. Will, a Pulitzer Prize-winning political columnist make an avowal to reality shows. The varieties of television programs nowadays almost cover everything in our lives, and Americans seem particularly obsessed with the prosperous TV genre called “Reality Shows.” This type of shows aims to fully record and film every action and emotion of the people in the show either in competitions or even their daily lives. Does anyone remember when he or she starts to become so thirsty for what those ordinary people do in grocery stores or why they cheat on their lovers? Our curiosities turn into the most powerful incentive of TV producers to keep contriving such shows in order to fulfill the voyeurs who sit lazily on the couch in front of television everyday. We look into three fundamental principles of reality programs to analyze the relationship between viewers and reality shows: why reality shows are so appealing to American, how those shows affect both on mentalities of viewers and in the society, and what’s the purpose for reality shows to exist nowadays.

Exciting and unusual things can easily capture our attentions, especially something that barely happens in our daily lives but occurs every episode in reality shows, that’s why reality shows become so appealing to the audience. The audience is picky nowadays, and the TV producers knew it intelligently from the beginning. Not only need to create an impeccable content of the show, more importantly, the show must be accompanied by some dramatic and intense storyline to cater to audience’s preference. Furthermore, the fad that people chat with coworkers in their break time in the office about the reality show and scorn the artificial plot that they watched last night has become a pastime of work. Even though most...

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