Reality Television and Entertainment Industry

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Entertainment or Corruption?

According to a 2007 Time Magazine poll, sixty eight percent of people believe that the entertainment industry has lost touch with viewers' moral standards. Sixty six percent said there is too much violence on open-air TV, fifty eight percent reported too much cursing, and fifty percent decried the amount of sexual content on the internet. As these statistics illustrate, modern media overexposes people to violence, drugs, and sexual content, making them accustomed to its immorality. Children, teens, and adults alike watch television on a daily basis, remaining continually exposed to graphic content and desensitizing themselves. In his quote, Neal Gabler describes entertainment as “fun, effortless, sensational, mindless, formulaic, predictable and subversive. In fact, one might argue that those are the very reasons many people love it”; people love entertainment for its scandalous and violent material, not because of any real-world or educational value it may have. Due to habitual behavior and simple boredom, people become involuntarily exposed to unnecessary violence, drugs and sexual content that is shown through television, internet, music and this exposure has the capacity to ruin society. In the modern world, television exists as one of the most popular forms of entertainment. What type of information or satisfaction does the public actually acquire from watching television? Many adolescents and young adults watch television programs such as “Jersey Shore” or “Sixteen and Pregnant”, reality TV programs which brainwash society by promoting drugs, alcohol, the mistreatment of women, teenage pregnancy, and immoral behavior. Many people watch corruptive media such as this out of sheer boredom. Any type of entertainment involving propaganda or gossip keeps many audiences interested and entertained, but the entertainment hurts their morals. This type of media especially affects children: “family movies” now contain inappropriate...
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