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How much of the real emotions and feelings do we see on TV nowadays? Not much if we delete reality TV programmes out of our TV list. So what exactly is Reality TV? It is a genre of television programming that do not have scripts which usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors. Contestants are usually placed in abnormal situations and recorded for the TV audiences. Without reality TV programmes, all that’s left are programmes that are acted out from scripts and superficial behaviors that is society-accepted which in most cases do not reflect in our daily lives. With reality TV shows, we can see real emotional behavior from ordinary people that we can relate to. This gives us a reality-check that shows how people really feel in these types of situations and not in a drama with unrealistic approach to problems. In this speech, I would be touching on about various different types and examples of reality TV shows and also the importance of it to the people.

Reality TV has a huge variety of subgenres which are documentary style, competition game show, makeover , hidden cameras, talk shows, paranormal and others. Today, I will be focusing on competition show, hidden cameras and makeovers.

Firstly, competition show is basically about elimination contest. In other words, the last person left standing will be the winner to walk away with the attractive prizes and fame. One of the famous examples of a competition reality TV is the American Idol. I believe many of you in this room have seen it before or at the very least heard of it. It is a classic example of how situations changes people. If you have been following American Idol, you will see a drastic change in the contestants from the auditions to the final round of elimination. This is what I believe makes the show so popular. It is because they are ordinary people which allow audience to be able to relate to and secretly envy and adore. This causes people to become...
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