Reality TV

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Reality Television

Reality TV is the number one most watched type of show. In fact, reality TV episodes have increased to 57% of all television shows that can be found on your screens. Many people have different opinions on reality TV, usually love or hate. Some shows, influence people to be aware of their own problems, teach valuable tips and lessons or help people pursue their dreams. Although most big reality TV shows do include some form of humiliation as well. The society also is negatively affected when people start to get addicted to reality shows and ignore their own life. Reality TV shows effect our society in positive and negative ways.

Most people only think about the negative effects of reality TV, but there are several things that do our society good. Shows like Top Chef, teach many people around the world to cook. Instead of eating out and becoming unhealthy. There are shows that are raising awareness of serious problems, an example would be Hording buried alive. People watch the show to help them with their own problem. Certain reality shows also help people make their dreams come true. American Idol for instance gives everybody a chance to become their dream. Even to those who don't win they still get known to the world and that's a start. On the other hand, American Idol also brings humiliation. Humiliation is one of the big downfalls of reality TV. For some reason people like to watch other people fail. There are many shoes which encourage humiliation such as, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Kitchen Nightmares and The Moment of Truth. Humiliating someone is known to be rude and unthoughtful, but the moment it is on TV people seem to think it is funny. As more and more reality TV shows come out, humiliation is coming more of a normal thing in our society. Rather than feeling bad for the person being humiliated everyone laughs. This causes more pain to the people being humiliated, still this is not the only form of negativity...
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