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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: June 27, 2011
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Psychological Orientation
Thesis: I would like to share a little history about Reality TV and why it is so addicting. Logical Orientation

Topic 1: What is Reality TV?
-Unscripted program, real people NOT actors in a specific environment Normal people with no discernible talent, no discernible insights, but who are willing, eager to be seen and heard living their own life. -“real life” television is filmed with out stoppage time, and then edited to catch the viewers eye -certifiable global pop-culture phenomenon

-Reality TV comes is all different forms now from daily life of real people such as Big Brother and Jersey Shore, sports shows, business shows like undercover boss and dirtiest jobs, talent shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the stars, family shows John and Kate plus 8, and motivational shows like biggest loser and survivor. - Taking over TV: By one estimate, one out of every four shows in prime time falls into this category, Jeff Greenfield The Real Deal on Reality TV CBS News September 5, 2010 - Reality shows showcase plenty of bad behavior, but they also presume a heavy moralism on the part of the audience.

Topic 2: History of Reality TV
-World War II, popular radio entertainers moved to the budding television networks It is said by many, that Alan Funt began the idea of reality TV. At first he set up unconventional scenarios in his office. He used hidden microphones to capture people’s reactions and played this on the radio. This eventually led to being filmed and put on TV in 1948. “Candid Camera” (CQ researcher: Reality TV: Maryann Haggerty -In 1989 COPS came on air because of the writers guild of American strike. This show followed police during their daily activities. It began with no music or narration just a simple camera following a police. -Over on ABC, beginning in 1990, people were turning their own...
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