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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: April 28, 2006
A State Of Mind: Reality TV

Is Reality TV good for us? This may be a question a person might ask themselves if they were one of the millions people who checked in with Joe Millionaire in the fall of 2003 on Fox. "Why Reality TV Is Good For Us", this article was written by James Poniewozik in TIME magazine in 2003. Poniewozik goes to talk about how reality TV is good for all of us, "that viewers can empathize with Tony Soprano without wanting to be him" (Poniewozik 471). Wrong, most people look at TV and dream someday of becoming these fictional characters that we perceive as good and bad. TV viewers are being lead astray, "When a Reality TV show depicts bad behavior, it's immoral, misanthropic, sexiest, or sick" by attracting viewers to a point were their interested in how far TV will go. In experience as a viewer of reality TV shows I have noticed some disturbing things. For example: American Idol showed a rather over weight woman bend over and smack her hind side while she sang terribly. These are the types of bad behavior that we depict and say it's ok to be like. Any knowledgeable person would look at this scenario and see that there is something wrong with the content we portray to society. That is, how people should act and should propagate. Yet Poniewozik says, "Embarrassment, these shows demonstrate, is survivable, even ignorable, and ignoring embarrassment is a skill we all could use"(Poniewozik 471). Poniewozik believes everybody across the world could use public humiliation to teach us a lesson. However, this so called skill of ignoring embarrassment is what makes us stay tuned into the networks, people are laughing at them not with them. When reality TV first got its start there was a show that I viewed which I thought was a beginning to end. Reality TV shows even depict immoral acts as a joke to bring entertainment, like Joe Millionaire. They bring an average construction worker out of society make him a fake millionaire and see how many women...
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