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 Chapter I
Introduction and its Background

People change, and it’s a fact. New cultures, traditions, and attitudes are introduced with the birth of a new generation. Our grandparents and young kids today are very different as compared to the old people and their children couple of years ago, and even more if we will look back as far as centuries before us. No one can stop these changes.

We are lucky that we have a lot of medium for communications that will help us break the barriers that divide the generations, and open our minds in the culture that was born together with the kids today. We have the mass media which is accessible by almost, if not everyone. Some TV shows have very scientific approach when it comes to Social Science such as those featured in National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. But some use unconventional style that collaborate learning and entertainment. These TV programs include such show as “Pinoy Big Brother”. In this show, they tried to create a contained environment, surrounded by CCTVs to monitor the people living inside the Big Brother House. It’s a melting pot for different people who came from different areas with different personalities, watched not only by the whole country but by most Filipinos and even some foreigners, accessible anywhere in the world. Here, contestants/participants stay like “Lab-rats” for 90 days with a very limited contact with what they can consider as the outside world. They do tasks from the host – “Kuya”, and is rewarded, sometimes penalized for everything they’ll do inside the facility. It’s a reality show that corporate entertainment, behavioral science, real life drama, and competition.

This production is done with different categories. They have something for the typical Filipino, for the popular people (PBB Celebrity Edition), and the most recent one was for the youngsters (PBB Teen Edition). The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, when it was first introduced here in the Philippines, shocked the whole country for everyone knows not what the new teens are capable of doing. In that show, typical middle-aged Filipinos who have been living a very conventional life, found the kids today, in some ways, too much different than what Filipinos used to be, especially with the way they think. Some took it open-mindedly and accepted the fact that these are the kids these days. But some had negative thoughts about them. Some were not open for the idea that the teens inside the house represent the teens of the country today, and they are simply not living the usual Filipino lifestyle which have changed only a little for such a long time. I. Statement of the Problem

Within the scope of our research, we would want to take regards to the following questions. 1. Why did many Filipinos, mostly the teenagers watched the PBB Teen Edition 2012? 2. Does PBB teen edition affected the thoughts of its viewer? 3. What does the PBB Teens 2012 proved about the character of the new Filipino youth?

B. Hypothesis
Several information have been gathered and discussed along the process of our research. Surveys and interviews are not yet made to claim our hypothesis as factual.

1. Before the TV show start airing on the cable, it had a lot of advertisements. We think it really helped the show in encouraging viewers. Let’s say that in every family there was a member that was encouraged so he/she will watch the show, if there’s only one television in the house the other siblings will also be watching the show not on purpose and that would be counted as another viewer.

2. PBB Teens affected the thoughts of its viewers because when people watch reality TV, they ten d to think that what they are seeing is a true depiction of reality.  Because of that, they tend to believe that what they see on TV is how life really is. When viewers watch this sort of show, they believe that...

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