reality tv versus children

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In the 21st century, reality television has dominated our screens ambiguously. It is has become an essential part of our lives and entertainment. Reality television can make our culture become worse. It negatively impacts the viewers of the new generation when limited “reality” is present that occasionally is scripted and edited for entertainment purposes. But what is reality TV actually? Reality TV is a kind of television programming which consists of people appearing as themselves in a range of different contexts such as competitions, game shows, dramatic or humorous situations, makeovers, and others. The reality TV shows may or may not involve celebrities. Mostly unscripted, reality shows rely on creating entertainment from uncertainty, shock, awkwardness and unusualness (Sue Ann, 2004). Some examples of popular reality TV shows that achieve higher rating in television like American Idol, Fear Factor, Jersey Shore and many more. Many of these are shows which have children participating as and if children as their viewers, automatically their rating or the real. While reality shows featuring children may cause television ratings to go up, there is another grim reality. Reality TV can give bad effect to the children like children seem to be spending more time in front of the TV then they are doing school work (Wilson,2008),their reaction to social situations in school ( Gavin,2008), and the worse effect is it give health effect to the children ( Viner,2005). When watching reality TV show, it will make children waste their valuable time by only watch the television rather than do their school work or do some benefits activity. They more likely to watch reality TV shows compared the other story or channel. This is happen because their parent did not control what kind of program their children should watch. Based evidence from some researcher, two-thirds of infants and toddlers watch a screen an average of two hours a day, kids...

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