Reasons for supporting and going against the war

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Reasons for Supporting the War
The fear of communism and the Domino Theory, with Australia potentially one of the next to fall to communism. This being motivation for Australia’s involvement in Vietnam. •Australia was bound to treaties such as the ANZUS 1951 and SEATO 194 which comprised Australia’s commitment to the fight against communism. •Australia had adopted a forward defence policy, which was the belief it was better to fight the threat of communism overseas rather than on Australian soil. •The South Vietnamese requested for Australia’s assistance in the war to help protect it from communism. Reasons for Against the War

Protests such as Save our Sons were formed by mothers of conscripts who were protesting Australia’s involvement in the War and Conscription. •The Moratorium rallies of 1970, which demanded the withdrawal of Australian troops from Vietnam and abolition of conscription. •Draft register groups were formed with a “Don’t register” campaign. Reasons for Changes in Attitude towards the War

The Vietnam War was the first television war, drawing attention of the nation towards the horror of war and the extent of Australia’s involvement. •The death of the first Australian conscript highlighted the impact of the war on the individual and family, making Australians question Australia’s involvement in the war. •The introduction of conscription by the Menzies government made many Australians question the viability of Australia being involved in the war as there was a lack of volunteers The Vietnam War was fought throughout 1962 and 1975 between the communist North Vietnam and its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the United States and nations of the SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organisation). In the beginning of the war most Australians were for the War, during the war, it became evident that the attitude towards the Vietnam War began to change as it developed, reasons for this change were the everything...
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