Reasons for the Popularity of Variety Shows

Topics: Game show, Reason, Want Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: February 23, 2013
In the past, there were not many programs showing on TV, and people did not have many choices to choose. Nowadays, with the development of technology and the increasing needs for more enjoyment, people have a variety of TV shows to watch. Among them, TV gameshows are the most attractive. The popularity of TV gameshows can be claimed for three main reasons: entertainment, knowledge and the prizes. First, the most common reason is that demand for more entertainment leads to more TV gameshows. A gameshow usually does not last too long, and it is completely suitable for a little relax after a hard-working day. People can have a rest through interesting competitions on gameshows. Each show brings laughter, fascinating feelings because the results are unexpected. Morever, people can have chances to hear funny stories told by the hosts or the participants. Second, the dominance of gameshows on TV is a result of the needs to broaden knowledge. As society develops, human education gets higher, people have an increasing desire to know more. Through these shows, they have chances to learn, without buying books or travelling to somewhre far-away. Now, they just need to sit in their own house, in front of their own TV, and they can learn all about the world. Finally, big rewards also attract people to watch and join gameshows. People can participate to make an appearance on the shows to show their own talents or knowledge and their ability to make decisions in the right time. Therefore, they have the chances to win some awards, such as money. Otherwise, people can take part in through answering questions for the viewers through Internet or phone messages. In conclusion, the factors for the outbreak of TV gameshows are mainly the desire to enjoy, to learn, and to win rewards. More and more gameshows will continue dominate on TV, as long as people still want to see them for various reasons. Switch between channels and you may catch numerous TV gameshows. Let’s choose a...
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