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During the 2000 Presidential Election, certain groups of Americans were stripped of their right to vote, or their vote was discounted. This led to many Americans feeling disenfranchised. This feeling was most evident in the state of Florida. In the film Recount, it showed that voters were turned away from voting polls, they were taken off registration rolls, that names were wrongly placed on lists of criminals; which would not allow them to vote, and lastly many counties in Florida were not able to have their votes recounted.

Due to the fact that after the 2000 Election, there was not a clear victory for either side, both the Democratic and Republican parties were fighting for their candidate to become the 54th president of the United States. The protesting and arguing went through many courts, and eventually got all the way to the United States Supreme Court. However, in the end the Vice-President Al Gore and the Democratic party was defeated by Governor George Bush and the Republican party.

Unfortunately, the voting procedure that was used in the 2000 Presidential race in Florida was obviously inadequate. Using paper ballot sheets that the voter had to punch a hole in that left small chads, may have lost the race for Vice-President Gore. However, with today’s computer technology a better procedure would avoid these types of voting problems. Instead of using paper ballots, computers would allow the voter to absolutely make sure their vote was counted.

The results of the elections had made an impact on the future of the nation. Most importantly, after eight years of a Democratic President, the country would now have a Republican President in power. Therefore, the country would be taken in a new direction. Another impact that was a result of the election was that there had to be voter reform. In order for the American people to not feel disenfranchised, the government had to create a new procedure for the voting process.
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