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Monday, November 17, 2014
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Angels and Demons
I. Introduction
In this, my first ever reflection paper, I have chosen to write on the subject of Angels and Demons. Let me start by stating I believe angels and demons do exist; the fact they exist on a higher spiritual or dimensional plain does not diminish my belief. Through historical texts (biblical and manuscript) mankind has been presented with evidence they exist. However, it appears the preponderance of evidence is not sufficient. This can be exemplified in the sheer pervasiveness of modern texts, where through their writings scholars and writers respond to mankind’s renewed quest. Evidence of a renewed vigor can also be found in the arts (television, movies, etc.), as evidenced by the number of TV shows, documentaries, and movies released in the past couple decades. The increase appears to signify a rebirth in mankind’s fascination with the subject, and a renewed need for modern answers—ones which explain angels and demons and how they fit into our daily life, and ones which prove, or disprove, their existence.

However, all one need do is open the Bible and read, for there they will find the answers they seek. Beginning with the early pages of the Bible, in the book of Genesis, and on through the remainder, one can locate multiple references to messengers, angels and demons (well over two hundred.) ( Yet, even though there is a preponderance of written historical evidence, it is countered by a lack of physical evidence of earthly presence—no wonder society has pondered and deliberated their existence through the ages. And they shall continue to do so until there are answers.

Through use of select quotations and external references, and Bible passages, I will endeavor to deliver answers by providing a Theological definition, laying out a Biblical foundation, and providing practical application to illustrate Angels and Demons do exist. II. Part One

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