Related Literature on Study Habits

Topics: College, High school, Academia Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Title:The Study Habits of Adult College Students.
Authors:Hogan, Thomas P.; Hendrickson, Elizabeth
Descriptors:Adult Students; Age Groups; College Students; Comparative Analysis; Higher Education; Institutional Research; Interviews; Questionnaires; Student Problems; Study Habits Publication Date:1983-08-00

Pub Types:Reports - Research; Tests/Questionnaires
Abstract:The study habits of adult college students over age 25 were compared to a group of younger students at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. The younger students were matched with the older groups on four characteristics: sex, major field of study, semester credit load, and class standing. All 56 participants were undergraduate students (sophomores or juniors) who were registered for the fall 1982 term. The participants kept running records of their study habits, patterns, and difficulties for an academic year. In general, older and younger students showed similar patterns in terms of how much they studied, what activities were engaged in while studying, the time distribution, and places for studying. There was some evidence that older students studied slightly more per credit hour than did younger students. While the total numbers of difficulties encountered in studying were about the same for both groups, the character of the difficulties was noticeably different. Both older and younger students reacted very favorably to having a mixture of the age groups in their classes. Recommendations for working with adult students and suggestions for further study are offered. Appendices include interview schedules and a study log form. (Author/SW)

It is an understatement to say that the standard of education in Nigeria has fallen. However, it has been realized that students who possess adequate mental abilities sometimes do not perform well in their academic work either because they do not know how to study effectively or they do not use the most effective method of studying....
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