Religeon visit

Topics: Bible, Christian terms, New Testament Pages: 2 (911 words) Published: April 30, 2014
For my religious site visit, i choose to go to church with a life long friend of mine. my friend and I come from completely different backgrounds and differed very much in that aspect. She was born in church as we all say to her, she has gone to church from the time she was born and continues to go everyday. We have been friends for a total of 13 years and in the entire 13 years i have never been to her church. So i took this opportunity as a huge experience for this class and our friendship as well. I explained to her that I needed to take a religious visit to some place and she said well let me take you to church. With many doubts I took a deep breath and said yes. This was a huge step for me, not coming from a background of church or anything relating. I was sweating it the entire time until the day finally came. For those who know me, they know i have serious anxiety and struggle of being in large crowds of confined people. So the day finally came and I was a complete mess but I was so excited to experience the different culture and religion. When we arrived to the church on sunday morning it was such a different experience because of how many people were there.I was not expecting that many people to attend. This church was much different than i had anticipated because of how people dressed and just the type of people who attended. When i think of church i think of it as a place where you need to dress up and just be very quiet and conservative. Well when i went to this church, it was a completely different story. You didnt have to dress up like you were going to prom and you didn't have to be quite conservative and quiet as a mouse. People showed up in their jeans and button down shirts and just had a great time. their was laughing and joking and kids were running around. It was just an overall great place. It definitely opened my eyes to what a difference there is in the world. The church i went to was called the New Creation Church, their statement was...
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