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Earvin Samilin
Kris Sension
15 November 2013
Christianity & Judaism
Christianity and Judaism are two very distinct religions with their own traditions. From going back to history, they were founded by Israel along with Islam. They both believe that there is a God however, they both see things in a different perspective. People often described Christians as believers in Jesus Christ, whereas people described Jews as believers in Moses and Abraham. These two religions can relate in a way but differ from another according to their own beliefs, testaments from a bible, sanctuaries, and holidays.

First, the beliefs of Christianity and Judaism can relate to each other from prayer however, they pray to a God they believed in. For Christians, they would only pray to Jesus, whereas Jews would only pray to Moses and Abraham.

According to this book by Paul Moser called Jesus and Philosophy, he state that “In The Good News, Christians believed that 'Christ died for our sins' and was raised from the dead (Moser 7). The reason why Christians only believed and prayed to Jesus Christ because as it was mentioned, he died for everyone's sins. They also believed that he was risen from the dead on the third day to fulfill his scriptures and seated in the right hand of the father, hence claiming that Jesus is king or God as mentioned from the creed.

On the other hand, Arthur Kruzweil referred from his book The Torah for Dummies, he explained “The Jews believed that both Abraham (The father of the Jewish People) and Moses (Judaism's greatest teacher, prophet, and leader) begin their journeys with calls from God to listen and to trust God” (Kruzweil 32). From their beliefs it never really mentioned Jesus' name because they honestly think that Moses and Abraham were sent by God to proclaim what they think is the real Gospel. It also showed that they believed that God trusted them to spread his word rather than believing about what Jesus Christ did for everyone in...
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