Review Relataed Literature for enrollment, scheduling, grade system

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Related Literature and Studies
According to some Researchers (2013), Due to their limited funds, the school maximizes its workforce to attend to every student needs that results to overloaded teachers and school personnel. Although the school has a handful of computers donated to them, they still use the traditional way of maintaining files and records that are all manually done. The current system being implemented by Metropolitan Academy of Manila is the traditional method of recording, calculating, and maintaining student grades and records. Everything is done manually. Student information is written on paper forms during enrollment. The registrar prepares a list of official enrolled students and gives copies to the principal and to the teachers. The teachers write down the names of the students in their class records for every subject and section he or she is handling and enters the rating of the students for every grade component. The teachers manually compute the grade of the students using a calculator and submit their class records to the principal for checking. The principal checks the grades one by one and if errors are found, the class record is returned to the teacher, who re-computes the grade and submit it again to the principal for checking. Correct and verified grades are then given subject grade components subject grade components rating back to the teacher to be submitted to the registrar who prepares the students’ report cards. This type of system is very tedious and takes a long time. Manually calculating, checking and re-computing the grades of students are very difficult and are very prone to human errors. Added to this is the money being spent by the school for paper files and forms, cabinets and other things needed to store student data and records.

According to Forman (2007), continuing innovation in technologies can lead to organizational changes that range from improvement of day to day operation and for easy access it...
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