Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Republican Party, Voting Rights Act, George W. Bush Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: November 14, 2013
English 280, Section 25
February 6, 2013
Defending Our Voting Rights: Rhetorical Analysis

Voting is a very touchy subject in America today. With the economy the way it is people are paying more attention to the government than before. In his article Defending Our Voting Rights; Jeffrey Toobin argues that Republicans systematically attempt to disenfranchise Democrats. He argues that the Republicans go to great lengths to try to win elections. Jeffrey Toobin adequately supports his stance by stating facts, using quotes from credible sources, and by showing data that supports his arguments.

Toobin starts the article with a brief review of the aftermath of the 2010 elections. He reminds us how nineteen states passed laws that barred people with no photo-I.D. or proof of citizenship from voting. They also passed laws that put restrictions on early and absentee voting. Toobin also makes us aware that in a majority of these states the legislature is controlled by Republicans. Through this he gives us facts that begin to support his argument that Republicans are trying to deprive democrats of power. The legislature claimed the intent of these laws was to detour voter fraud, but Toobin claims that the reasons the government gave were false because voter fraud is nonexistent. He supports this by including a quote by Mike Turzai, the Republican leader of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, who stated “Voter I.D. is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: Done” The fact that he used a quote to support his argument shows he chose his stance because of valid research.

In the next part of the article Toobin gives a brief history on the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which abolished discrimination in the South that kept people from voting. In doing so he was able to give the reader enough information on the act so they could easily understand the direction of the article. He explained that the law was signed by George W. Bush and the...
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