rise of democracy and andrew jackson

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The Development of Democracy

After the election in 1824, the Republican Party began to separate because of industrialization in New England, the spread of cotton in the south and westward expansion. The Republicans who were suspicious of having a federal government that was too powerful and wanted more power in the state became Democrats. Republicans that wanted the Federal government to encourage a strong economy became Whigs. Politicians had to start trying to gain the vote of the common man because of electoral reforms. As democracy arose, social class, wealth, and education became less important when being elected. A politician’s success rested on whether he could gain the popular vote and be well liked by the voters. Andrew Jackson was the key factor in the rise of democracy and his economic policies shaped the future of the Democratic Party. The changes in Electoral politics and Andrew Jackson’s economic policy encouraged the growth of democracy in the United States and gave birth to the two party system America uses today. The changes made in electoral politics between 1820 and 1840 reformed democracy by creating a two party system that battled for the common man’s vote. The Republican Party that had been the only party for many years soon began to split apart and the Democrats and the Whigs arose. Political democratization occurred in many ways, but most importantly many states began to substitute poll taxes for the property requirement. This allowed the common men to vote and their vote became the most important one. Written ballots replaced oral voting, which lessened the intimidation factor for people to vote for whomever their superiors wanted them to vote for. Voters also began to choose their own presidential electors instead of the state legislators doing it for them. The electoral collage endured through these changes. Politicians soon learned that opposing democracy would ruin their chances of being elected so they had to cater to what the...
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