Role Model

Topics: New Testament, African American, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Dr Martin Luther King Jr is my role model because he dedicated his life to helping the civil rights movement. He’s someone that I look up to because of his strong will power perseverance, and determination. Dr King’s worldview was to have equal rights and opportunities for all people despite what their nationality was. I share the same worldview as Dr King in regards to equal rights and standing for what you believe in. Dr King wanted to world to evolve in its way of thinking because he saw firsthand how African Americans were being treated. Dr King is my role model because he fought to change my history.

Dr King didn’t only want to see a change happen for his self and others but also for his family. He had a wife Coretta and four children; these were the people who he wanted to see change happen for the most. After King’s death is family wanted to keep his legacy alive because they knew he stood for a good cause. According to the article A king family tribute “Family and friends remember Dr. King as a role model and dedicate themselves to his mission. Watkins, Dr. King's niece, has assembled their writings and excerpts from their speeches. All pay tribute to his spirit, abiding faith and dedication to the cause of civil rights, and they affirm their own commitment to "following the path he walked," as his nephew, Derek B. King, states. King's father's remarks are excerpted from his autobiography. Dr King is my personal role model because is stood for what he believed in.

Dr king helped shape my worldview because through his hard work he’s shown me that nothing worth fighting for comes easy. I think a lot of people look over the fact that Dr King wasn’t just trying to change the race problem it stood of many different social issues. In the article Martin Luther King Jr conception of freedom and radical democracy the author states that “king came to believe that the civil rights struggle needed to expand beyond just racial...
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