role of television in society

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The Role of Television in Society
Assignment 2: Written Report

Television has influenced viewers in many different ways since television had come out. It had portrayed many different aspects of life that had applied to many of the viewers. Viewers had absorbed many things displayed on television, some of the key elements that had influenced the viewers were commercials, storylines, characters, actions being taken during the shows. Viewers may not even be aware that they are being influenced by the shows; the influence can be so subtle. There is a lot of strategy that goes into influencing the viewers, especially during commercial advertisements.

Commercial advertisements that are on television are placed very specifically based on networks, program times, and through that advertisers try to find who is watching at what times. This will allow them to get an idea about which audience is watching the advertisements. Based on the shows, it is safe to say that the general viewers of that show can be determined. An example of reaching out to the target audience is an advertisement like “Christian Mingle”, which is a dating site specifically for Christian singles. Marketers would ask, what shows are these people watching, and how can we connect with them. Based on extensive research they would place their advertisement at a time where they feel Christian singles are watching.

One important time that advertisement is used is when there is a big event that will gain many viewers. An example of this is the Super Bowl that occurs annually, in the 2012 season, had an estimated 108.4 million viewers. The amount of viewers is important because it is reaching out to more viewers, which may or not be part of the target audience. Regardless, it is still reaching out to more viewers, which means more possibility of the advertisement being successful. Any media being shown to a person can...

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