Runnng a business with Workplace Problems

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Levit, Alexandra. “Starting a Business: The Romance vs. the Reality” New York Times 28 Nov. 2011 The author presents aspects of reality of running a business as a cure for workplace problem and issues. Examples are provided as to advantages and disadvantages entrepreneurship as the cure for workplace problems and reality of running a business is different that a workplace job. The author uses an example of an individual that was tired of office politics and left the job, purchased an existing business, only to experience difficulty with vendors and suppliers. Quotes are used from the individual to represent the reality of being an entrepreneur. The article details some problems of running a business, such as establishing trust, extending credit, finding loyal employees and that the whole process is a hard wake-up call. The article includes general information about office politics and being cautious of becoming an entrepreneurship. The author provides information regarding the recent recession and cash flow. The author shares steps for advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship from the start of marketing to business costs and expenses. The article details those problems that lead to failure in a business and the sacrifices that are made. The article introduces the three P’s to the aspects of regular jobs in a traditional business world. The author shares details on how to obtain peace, prestige and perks in the business world. Alexandra Levit is the author of “Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success.”

Hamdan, Sara. “Promoting Job Creation by Tearing Down
Traditions” New York Times 16 Nov. 2011 The author covers the problem of youth high unemployment and informs the reader about the root problem of transformation in social attitudes in Middle East countries. Quotes are provided from mentorship program entrepreneurs to share their support to training and skills to become entrepreneurs. Statistic is provided regarding challenges for encouraging entrepreneurs by planting seeds to start business in the near future. Analyst’s prediction is provided the effort to make a difference, gender roles and traditions in particular countries. Comparison is shown through statistical percentages of a several countries population of women with university degrees versus, to women in labor force and women entrepreneurs. A quote regarding a recent report from a company involved in youth employment is provided to inform the reader of the traditions, social beliefs, principles and education of local norms. A survey study is provided from men perspective and women perspectives for roles of women in employment. The article contains quotes of realization of women and selfemployment. Analysts share their beliefs supporting the right support can produce budding entrepreneurs.

Kalmans, Matthew. ‘Generation Do”, Letter to New York Times Editor, New York Times 15 Nov. 2011

The article addresses a letter to the editor protesting to the millennial generation entrepreneurship being referred to as “Generation Sell” and not “Generations Do”. The author discusses the motivation of impact, political idealism, creative genius Steve Jobs and globalization of a 21st-century world. The article included of what the millennial generation entrepreneurship is about, the reason for fighting back, support of political candidates, hopes for a better world and refusals. The article informs the reader of the desires of social entrepreneurship, activism and propelling America in future generation success. The article provides a statement regarding millennial are screaming but they are not being heard. The writer is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania.

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