Saint Luke

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St. Luke the Evangelist was born at Antioch in Syria. It is believed that he was born a Greek and a Gentile. The main things St. Luke is noted for are being a physician, being a missionary with St. Paul and writing one of the four Gospels of Jesus. He also wrote the Acts of the Apostles. The Gospel according to St. Luke is the most descriptive of all four Gospels. St. Luke describes in detail the miracles and many parables of Jesus. The Gospel of Luke focuses on the poor and social justice. He emphasizes Christ’s compassion for sinners and for those who suffered. He also describes the life and teachings of Jesus. He was one of “the seventy” and worked with St. Paul traveling to Rome and converting Jews and pagans to Christianity. He was also with Paul during several of his confinements. . Saint Luke is often shown with an ox or a calf because these are the symbols of sacrifice - the sacrifice Jesus made for the world. St. Luke is known as the patron saint of physicians and surgeons. It has been proven that Luke lived a long life and died 84 AD.

The Gospel of Saint Luke gives a good idea of his character as one who loved the poor, who wanted God’s kingdom open to all, who respected women and saw hope in God’s mercy for everyone. Saint Luke tried to help anyone who suffered and emphasizes Christ’s compassion for sinners. We see that Luke, as a doctor, understood Jesus’ concern for every kind of suffering. Jesus turned toward sinners and showed his love for the poor, the sick and those who lost their way. During his missions with St. Paul, Luke tried to live the same way. He was always there for people who needed them. He set time apart to help people learn about the life and teachings of Jesus. He was known as the patron saint of physicians because he never gave up on people who were sick and never let them suffer. He had a good attitude towards everyone and always wanted to help them. He saw the good in everyone.

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