Topics: Human sexual behavior, Television, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: February 27, 2014
In contemporary American culture, the portrayal of sex can be found almost everywhere. Sex is depicted in television shows and even in many commercials used in between programs. Sex is basically becoming a norm to modern television viewing pleasures, whether there are references towards sex or blatant sexual behaviors being broadcasted. Due to the fact that technology has become such a crucial part of almost every American citizens life, television has even be developed to take on the go through the use of a phone or laptop. The immense amount of sexual content regularly televised may indeed become a negative impact on today’s youth, influencing sexual activity. To begin, television may indeed portray many different types of sexual behavior, but is all of the content truly negative to young viewers absorbing information. In most cases, the content is a negative factor but there are a few cases that may contradict the constant negative effects. Educational shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom and True Life shed light on the various consequences that could come from having unprotected sex. These shows depict real people in real life scenarios, which may have a substantial impact on the viewer’s due to the modern fascination with reality television. The people being filmed for these series are either pregnant, taking care of a baby or suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. This form of televised content is basically used as a scare tactic to influence viewers into being protected during sex. These positive depictions of sex on T.V. may in fact be beneficial to today’s youth, but overall they are the minority of the modern world of television.

Generally, the average American watches roughly three hours of television per day. With content such as erotic touching, kissing, sexual jokes, and portrayal of intercourse being televised daily, the odds are that the average viewer will at least catch a glimpse of something sexual while watching television....
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