Share Jesus Without Fear Book Review

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Concrete Response2

Fay’s concern for those reading the book will have one of two results: those who only talk about the lost or those who talk to the lost. Fays desire of those reading the book will be engaged in witnessing to the lost. Fay writes, “We must realize if we don’t explain our faith, our friends may never understand it and, therefore, never have an opportunity to be led by the Holy Spirit to believe it.” Fay begins his book with the focus on his personal life and shares certain attempts of others sharing the gospel message with him. He closes this chapter with the encouragement that salvation is not the work of the person sharing the gospel but God. Jesus said in John 6:44, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.” Fay says, “Success is sharing your faith and living your life for Jesus Christ.” Fay encourages believers to share their faith in his chapter Catch the Vision and to reach out to those who are spiritually drowning. He also says that believers should be excited about sharing their faith but many commit the sin of silence. Fay writes, “We deny Jesus by never opening out mouths. We deny him with our silence.” Chapter three is an important section in the book and most likely the most on how to overcome fear. Fay discusses the fear factor of sharing one’s faith and breaks the types to six different excuses people use. They are fear of being rejected (p. 17), fear of friend’s opinions (p. 19), fear of sharing with coworkers (p. 21), lack of faith knowledge (p.23), fear of losing friends and family (p. 24), and simply not knowing how to share one’s faith (p. 26). Chapter four moves to the instructional portion of the book and begins with the Share Jesus Questions. Chapter five Fay encourages the person being witnessed to be the one to read the Scripture passages being shared. This is where the Power of God will take over and God will use His word in the person’s life. Chapter six concentrates on bringing the person to a point of a decision. Fay offers five commitment questions that he believes should be asked in sequence to bring a person to the point of a decision. The last question is the invitation of the person to accept Jesus into their heart. The remainder of the book provides more specific instructions on different topics. Concrete Response

When traveling with someone for a few weeks both people are subject to being vulnerable with the other. I moved to the Atlanta area due to a promotion with my company. The position required frequent travel every other week. Initially, while my family was still at our home in Florida, awaiting sale, I felt it better to travel as much as possible to gain as much experience as imaginable on the road to not take as much time away from my family when they arrive. I was fortunate to travel with team members and to learn from each of them. One particular guy, Mike, is whom I spent the most time. Mike and I developed a friendship and still stay in touch today. Mike showed me the ropes of the job; we traveled to the wine country and visited San Francisco together on one weekend in California. Mike knew I was a believer and at times asked different questions about my faith. There was no five-question interaction or a special time of sharing the gospel with him. Mike began questioning his quality of life. He was searching for answers and meaning to life. Just a simple request; would you and Linda come with us to church? Mike started coming to our church. In a few weeks he accepted Christ. In a short time later his wife Linda accepted Christ and they serve Jesus in...

Bibliography: Fay, William. Share Jesus Without Fear. Nashville: B&H Publishing, 1999.
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