Should Globalization Shape Identity?

Topics: Globalization, French language, Culture Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Globalization shouldn’t shape identity because many people would start to speak the same language. This could be a big problem because if we lose many different languages then we would lose a part of our history/ heritage. An example of this would be, if the French culture stopped speaking French and started speaking English only then the French language would “die out”. Eventually no one would be able to speak French or even read it. Therefore we would lose whatever historic things we had in French because the younger generations wouldn’t know what it was or the importance of it either. Globalization shouldn’t change our identity or anything, but it should connect the world together better. Globalization only affects and shapes your identity as much as you allow it to. Millions of people worldwide allow globalization to shape their identity. A good example of how globalization affects and shapes other people around the world would be McDonalds™. They are a transnational corporation, so people over in China or even in Dominican Republic can have American fast food. But the McDonalds™ doesn’t serve any of their cultural food, therefore this affects their identity because then they will start eating a different cultural food instead of their own. This could also be a form of assimilation. Globalization doesn’t really shape my identity, but in some ways it does. For example, I find it a lot easier to just dress in American Eagle clothing then actually finding out about my heritage back around and wearing traditional/ cultural clothing. I also fit in with other people a lot better than if I were to wear cultural clothing because it’s what everyone wears or knows. This also shapes others identity too, more people rather wear something that is well known then wear their traditional/ cultural clothing. They don’t want to be discriminated against, plus it makes it easier to fit in with other cultures if you have something in common i.e. clothing. Our individual and...
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