Should More People Vote

Topics: Voting, Democracy, Elections Pages: 5 (2220 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Should More People Vote?
Voting in a local, state, or national election is an exciting opportunity provided by democratic nations to their citizens. But some of us don't value that option when we fail to exercise our right to vote. So, if voting is so exciting, why aren’t more Americans exercising their right and voting? A better question, why are people who are able to and/or registered to vote, don’t? Some may say the reason is "their votes don’t count, too busy, lines to long, the registration process is confusing, can’t get to the polls, don’t like the candidate, they don’t feel their vote will make a difference, or they may shrug and offer no answer at all. The fact of the matter is, none of that is true. If you are really concerned about all these things, you should vote. Maybe a better candidate would have won, and maybe he or she would have taken some effective measures for improvement. Unless you vote you just can't blame the government, because you have failed your duties. And, if you are one of those people who think voting is a waste of time and keep on complaining about how the government is a complete failure; then it is time you realize the importance of voting, and do your bit to enhance the effectiveness of the government. OK, if there is one thing that is really annoying to us actual voters it is the endless ramblings on the bad political policy of a current government spewing from the mouths of eligible voters who never bothered to cast a ballot. If you don't vote it is like saying you don't care how your country is run, so if you don't care where do you get the idea that you can complain when something happens that you don't like? If you don't vote you really have no right complaining about anything the government does and if you’re like most people you like complaining and have it down to a fine art. Want the right to complain when the powers that be make a truly heinous decision? Then you must exercise your right to vote. Casting a vote allows an individual to express a choice among candidates who wish to become government leaders. It’s up to each voter to locate available information about each candidate and to make an informed decision about how to vote. Rather than allowing potential leaders to hide weaknesses and wrong-doing from public awareness, a democratic voting process urges us to get involved and to share our viewpoints about who should lead. Failing to register a vote is like saying you don’t care. Few people truly remain oblivious to government leadership. Most have opinions about the way things should go, and they should use the voting process to express their preferences. Many Americans don't vote because they think their vote doesn't count. This is a common excuse that's rooted in the belief that the Electoral College chooses the President, not the voters. The reality, the popular vote in each state determines which candidate the Electoral College endorses for that state. Therefore, your vote does count within your state, the more voices you have coming from your state benefits you in assuring that the best candidate is elected, and you should get out and exercise your right to vote. Whether it’s an election for a county councilman or woman, mayor, governor, state official, legislator, senator, or president, it is the people of a nation who have the right to put-forward policies that will affect the town, your job, your country, your taxes through the governing bodies. Some use the excuse they are too busy to vote. Granted, Americans are busy people. With work, family, and other life obligations, civic duties like voting tend to get in the way. There's no doubt that voting presents scheduling challenges, but is that really a good excuse not to vote? After all, people all over the world have fought and died for the right to vote. The least we can do is carve out a few minutes to go to a polling center and cast our vote. And, the more people casting their votes...
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