Should There Be Further Investment in Sport

Topics: Research, High school, Youth Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: May 10, 2013
During the course of the assignment I hope to describe and discuss the methods you would use to address the following research question. Should there be further investment in sports within Plymouth Secondary Education.

Developing the research question.
After the group had been decided we got together to brainstorm some topics that we may all be interested in to see if we could agree on one we were all interested in. We came up with the following

* Health
* Sport
* Curriculum Studies
* Lesson Choices
* School Participation
As the group was from many different backgrounds and many had time restraints it was decided that as we had thought of several different topics, it was best if the group went away to each think of a question so when we next met we could share our individual thoughts. When we next met to go through the questions it was apparent each member of the group had chosen one which was closely linked with their own interests or beliefs. These were clearly not going to be of any good as a group question so it was decided that we needed to combine or link some of the questions to give everyone an opportunity to participate. We eventually decided on the question “Should there be further investment in sports within Plymouth Secondary Education.” We wanted to investigate and show the importance of sport within schools. We then researched why sport was so important to children within school, we listed the following to help shows this, and we agreed that this would be one of the key points when presenting the presentation. * Sport helps to tackle todays obesity initiative

* Sport helps to encourage a Healthy and Physical lifestyle * Sport can help to improve Self-esteem
* Sport helps to increase quality and quantity of life
* Sport helps to encourage drive and ambition
As the Olympics are being held in England this year there is already a big focus on sport particularly on sport for younger people. There...
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