Simon Becoming a Hero

Topics: New Testament, Jesus, Allegory Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Simon Becoming the Hero
Sometimes the bravest person can be the one in the little one in the background. In William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”, Simon is the Christ figure because he says no to temptation and sacrifices himself in order to save the others from themselves. In Golding’s allegorical novel, little Simon steps up and unexpectedly becomes a hero. Simon is introduced as a sweet boy who likes to be alone. In order to avoid being corrupted, he refuses to take part in any of Jack’s foolishness. In one instance, Jack and the boys were plotting how to kill the pig, “Simon grabbed the conch compulsively. ‘I want to go to a place, a place I know’” (Golding 85). He then goes to his secret spot in the jungle, just as Jesus went on top of the mountain to avoid the devil’s temptation. Simon doesn’t wish to be involved in the boy’s violence and in turn goes to his sanctuary to make sure he doesn’t lose himself. Simon, unlike any of the boys, goes above and beyond to help the others. When there was no food and everyone was hungry, little “Simon found four fruits they couldn’t reach” (Golding 56). This action showed how hard he tries and how mu`ch he cares for the others, just as Jesus cared for his disciples all throughout the New Testament. Both Jesus and Simon put their friends or follower’s well fare above everything. In the novel, he sacrificed himself for the boys. As soon as Simon figures out “the beast was harmless and horrible, and the new must reach the others as soon as possible” (Golding 174) he immediately rushed to the others. He put them above himself and ran though the dangerous storm. When he eventually for there they murdered him thinking Simon was the beast. Simon let the boys kill him in order for them to finally understand that the beast isn’t an animal; it was within all of them. When Simon’s dead corpse was taken away by the sea “ the water rose further and dresssd Simon’s hair with brightness… the body lifted from the sand and a bubble of...
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