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A Baby Thesis
Presented to,
The Faculty of St. John Integrated School

The Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for
The Fourth Year English Basic Curriculum

Toni Marc S. Opiana
Weiner Dennis Hilbero
Renz Jeremie A. Laughlin
Mark Edwin Sarmiento
Faustino Luis Arciolo
Oh Tae Sung “David”

Submitted to:
Ms. Joy Palima

Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background


The main purpose of this study is to find out the effects of watching television towards the studies and personalities of the pupils in the intermediate level in the elementary department. A total of thirty eight (38) respondents in the elementary department were given questionnaires to find out whether television has been either harmful or beneficial to the pupils’ studies and self. The pupils will be answering questions related to their experience with watching television, how it has affected them in their studies and if television was the reason for their violence. Results showed that majority of the pupils’ feedback on television are positive, but there were a few negativity in some parts which will be discussed later on as we go further into the study. It has also been proven that television isn’t where they were influenced into violence and vulgarity. Many of our respondents believed that television is the best way to entertain a person as young as them as long as that person avoids anything that may affect their studies and themselves. It is also recommended for teachers to teach students about what is good and not good to watch. LOL Teachers may also use television as another mode of education for their pupils’ learning. Therefore, it may help them learn faster because of its high entertainment factor.

Statement of the Problem

Television has showed us what life looks like in the outside world. But these things television had showed us might have influenced our fellow youngsters to do these things out of curiosity. And too much television may bring them to forgetting their studies and bring them to sleep deprivation. But there have also been good things that television had given us, like educational TV programs and even TV ratings to see if the program is suitable for children. The objective of this study is to find out the effects of watching television towards the intermediate pupils of St. John Integrated School.

The purpose of this study is to answer the following questions: 1. Is television where pupils get their vulgarity?
2. Do the pupils neglect their homework and studies because of watching too much television? 3. Is television beneficial or not for a student, overall?

Chapter 2
Review of Related Literature

Related Literature

The Positive and Negative Effects of Television
By: a blogger named stephanie
Television, one of electrical devices which has been part of people’s lives, is widely used as source of entertainment, education and information. Besides of its advantageous function, there are contradictions where some people agree and disagree that television gives negative effects which are dangerous for family life and any sense of community. I disagree with the statement, seeing that the positive effects that are gotten from television are more than the negative effects. Watching television entertains, educates, and informs. This three factual advantages developed, giving more and more advantages. The value of family life could increase when they spent time together, and the ability of television to entertain supports this condition to happen. There are shows which fit all generations and could make people happy watching it. When members of the family watch the shows, they laugh, and a comforting atmosphere is created. This happens to tighten the emotional relation between each member of the family. The educative use of...
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